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User Guide


The following are prohibited:

  • Using automated tools/macros/autobuyer/sell catcher/auto message sender/autoclicker is illegal and will lead to account removal.
  • Registering or having control of more than one account
  • Sharing passwords with other people and logging into accounts that are not yours
  • Posting links in the Kings of Chaos chat, Kings of Chaos forums, or anywhere it is against the policies
  • Registering an email address that is not yours
  • Registering more than one account, or transferring your account to someone else
  • Advertising through PM or any other method
  • Recruiting a player through PM with excessive messages
  • Using any process which enables clicking beyond that which is intended by gameplay mechanisms.
  • Downloading any part of the Kings of Chaos website with any piece of software other than a web browser
  • Using any process that automatically gets information from the website
  • Using any process that automatically posts information to the website
  • Using any process that combines multiple gameplay actions (attack, sabotage, etc) into one user action, including loading multiple stats pages at once.
  • Accessing any part of the Kings of Chaos website via proxy/VPN/tor or similar
  • Using any form of Virtual networks, machines or servers.
  • Using features otherwise than intended
  • Posting inappropriate content
  • Attempting to cause harm to the any of the Kings of Chaos servers
  • Attempting in any way to circumvent the mechanisms set up to keep Kings of Chaos fair

Rules regarding accounts played via Proxy, VPN, Tor server:

Due to the Game Admins not being able to truly identify accounts using Proxy, VPN or TOR servers as legitimate players and not used as a multi-account, the use of these is strictly banned. Any account attempting to use such servers will have aspects of their account adjusted to remove the chance of any unfair advantage. This will include (but is not limited to) armory contents, soldiers, and upgrades. There is no acceptable reason to use these servers which means the Admins will not accept the use of these as a necessity to play the game as a reason for using them.

Rules regarding accounts on the same IP:

  • Accounts that appear on the same IP are not allowed to attack, sabotage, raid, sell, bank other accounts on the same IP
  • Once you appear on the same IP as someone else you cannot take sells from that account(s)
  • If someone on an IP is found to be violating the rules then all accounts on that IP will be removed from the game
  • Accounts that appear on the same IP cannot be used to give an unfair advantage

When sharing your link, you may do the following:

  • Post your link on message boards where it is allowed and is on-topic
  • Email your link to your friends or send it to them on instant messenger
  • Have people who are not signed into the game click your link
  • Have your link in your Facebook/twitter/instagram etc. profile
  • Post your link on a personal website

Browser and Recruiter Rules

Any browser used to access the Kings of Chaos website must adhere to the following rules:

  • All Kings of Chaos pages must be loaded in a standard and well-known graphical web browser (i.e. Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • On every page except recruit.php, the ENTIRE page must be loaded and displayed, and all information must be clearly visible to the user
  • Additional information inserted by in-browser add-ons may be displayed, provided that this information is passively displayed and does not execute gameplay decisions

Recruiter: A methodical system of gaining officers, or soldiers, where participants click on each other's links. Retrieving links may be automated, partially automated or completely manual. All images must be clicked manually.

Any such recruiting systems or "recruiters" must adhere to the following guideline:

  • Recruiting click-through images must be recognized and clicked by a human being without the aid of optical recognition software or other automated processes
  • Recruiters may not repeatedly access Kings of Chaos to the point that they unduly affect gameplay for other users
  • Players may only click recruit links to give their own account morale. They may not click for someone else.

Alliance Scripts

All scripts created for Kings of Chaos website must adhere to the following rules:

  • All gameplay decisions/actions must be made and executed by a human and under no circumstances be an automated process
  • Scanned gold via an alliance script CAN only be visible on battlefield.php and a players stats.php with a numeric ID
  • Custom alliance pages (target list, farm list, war list) CANNOT have a players gold displayed or any indication of what gold a player is currently holding. Stats such as SA, DA, Spy, Sentry and TFF are allowed for informational purposes.
  • Displaying a person's Turn Based Gold (TBG) should only be for informational purposes, custom pages CANNOT be sorted using this figure.

All recruiters and tool developers must allow a Kings of Chaos admin a fully-functional test account to ensure compliance with these rules. If you are a developer and have questions, please email a Kings of Chaos admin. Kings of Chaos does not maintain a list of "approved" tools - updates to a previously-legal tool may make it illegal. Use of browser add-ons and tools is at your own risk.

Failure to adhere to the above posted rules and guidelines may result in account suspension or termination. Kings of Chaos reserves the right to change these rules at any time, without notice.

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In Kings of Chaos, you are in command of an army of either humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, undead or hobbits. The aim of the game is to strengthen your army to attack other players and take their gold, raid other players to kill their soldiers or sabotage other players to destroy their weapons! Players are ranked so you can see how your forces stack up to everyone else.

To build up your attack and defense strength, you must recruit soldiers and equip them with weapons. You may also hire mercenaries or train your soldiers. To recruit soldiers you must have people click on your unique link (you can find this in your Command Center). Each time you recruit an additional soldier, your attack and defense strength will increase slightly, as will the amount of gold you receive per turn. Also, for every two recruits each of your officers gets, you will receive an additional soldier! The number of officers you can have is unlimited, so the more people who sign up to be your officer the faster you can build your army.

In addition to those soldiers generated by unique link clicks, you can choose to conscript soldiers - once a day you will recruit a number of soldiers determined by your current 'unit production' value. This value can be upgraded on the Training page.

Commander Conscription is where you receive 'unit production' based on your commanders unit production. The higher their unit production the more you receive up to 7,680 unit production per 24hrs.

To train your soldiers, use the Training page. Soldiers can be trained to be specialists in either attack or defense - whichever you choose, they will boost that ranking further, while ceasing to contribute to the other ranking. You can also train soldiers to become spies or sentries, which will be discussed in more detail later. In this case they cease to contribute to your attack/defense strength and the amount of gold you get per turn, as instead they are being kept in readiness for any covert missions you may choose to send them on.

You can hire mercenaries on the Mercenaries page, but only up to a strength of 33.33% of your total force - so for every 3 normal soldiers you gain, you can hire one more mercenary. Mercenaries contribute to your attack or defense strength, but do not contribute to the amount of gold you gain each turn.

Weaponry can be purchased (and repaired, sold or scrapped) on the Armory page. For each race there are various weapons available for both attacking and defending, becoming increasingly expensive as they become more effective. The exact strength of each weapon in your armory is dependent upon its state of repair (weapons become damaged during battles and must be repaired to remain fully effective), and also your level of siege technology and fortifications. Higher levels of siege technology and fortifications raise the strength of every single weapon you possess, so they are well worth upgrading. You can upgrade your siege and fortification levels on the Armory page.

Covert Action is a general term for your Spy and Sentry ratings. Your force of spies becomes more powerful by training soldiers to be spies. Every spy you train increases your spy strength, and therefore helps you move up in spy ranking. Also, if you conduct many espionage missions spies will sometimes get caught, so you will need to replace them. If your spy rating is high, you will be able to see more players' gold on the battlefield without having to spy on them. Your force of sentries becomes more powerful by training soldiers to be sentries. Every sentry you train increases your sentry rating. The higher your sentry rating, the harder it is for other players to see your gold on the battlefield, spy on you or sabotage your weapons. If you invest in spies or sentries you should upgrade your covert skill when you can. Upgrading applies to your entire force of spies and sentries. Upgrading covert skill, training spies and training sentries can all be done one the Training page.

  • You will need 2-1 spy to sentry ratio to see their gold on the battlefield and vice versa for sentry details.
  • You need 1-5 spy to sentry ratio to be able to successfully recon a player.
  • To successfully sabotage a player you will need 1-1.7 spy to sentry ratio. ie. if you have 100m spy you can sab up to 170m sentry.
  • You can now recon a player 25 times per 24 Hours.
  • Sabotage attempts are now maxxed out at 25 attempts per 24 Hours.

Each race in Kings of Chaos has a particular area in which they excel. These can work to your advantage in gaining higher rankings, so it is worth considering them before choosing your race:

  • Humans earn 50% more gold each turn than the other five races. Since this can be used for just about anything, it is very flexible. Humans also receive 20% Fewer Casualties to give them less losses. Along with the other bonuses Humans also receive 25% Defense Bonus, is this the race for you?

  • Dwarves are 80% stronger at defending than any other race. This makes it more likely that they will withstand enemy attacks, A 40% Sentry Bonus will help Dwarves see their enemies spies in the dark. In addition Dwarves Sustain 5% More Bloody Casualties when under attack.

  • Elves are 60% better at recon (spying) and sabotage (sabbing) than any other race. Elves also receive 20% Income Bonus. The Spy bonus & income bonus should allow you to build a strong covert account with an income bonus, which Elves will need to make up for their lowered 30% Attack Bonus.

  • Orcs attack with 65% more strength than the other races. The advantages to this are obvious, giving you a much better chance of defeating other armies in combat. A 25% Defense bonus helps to defend their gold. A 45% Spy Bonus will need to be overcome to see the gold of other players.

  • Undead have risen to become a force again, with 30% Attack Bonus, 40% Defense Bonus, 40% Fewer Casualties, 20% Spy Bonus, 70% Sentry Bonus are they now a race to be chosen?

  • Hobbits have a 35% Income Bonus gives the Nasty Hobbitses! a chance to keep their precious gold. 55% Sentry Bonus are better at hiding their gold and defending against sabotage with their sentry bonus. A 35% Defense Bonus should not be taken lightly.

  • Current TBG Era 8 (Turn-based gold) by race for all soldiers and covert troops:
    • Humans: Untrained, trained attack, and trained defense soldiers earn 3 gold per turn. Soldiers trained into covert troops (spies and sentries) earn 1.2 gold per turn.

    • Dwarves: Untrained, trained attack, and trained defense soldiers earn 2 gold per turn. Soldiers trained into covert troops (spies and sentries) earn 0.8 gold per turn.

    • Elves: Untrained, trained attack, and trained defense soldiers earn 2.4 gold per turn. Soldiers trained into covert troops (spies and sentries) earn 0.96 gold per turn.

    • Orcs: Untrained, trained attack, and trained defense soldiers earn 2 gold per turn. Soldiers trained into covert troops (spies and sentries) earn 0.8 gold per turn.

    • Undead: Untrained, trained attack, and trained defense soldiers earn 2 gold per turn. Soldiers trained into covert troops (spies and sentries) earn 0.8 gold per turn.

    • Hobbits: Untrained, trained attack, and trained defense soldiers earn 2.7 gold per turn. Soldiers trained into covert troops (spies and sentries) earn 1.08 gold per turn.

If you are ready to start playing as commander of your own army, then click here to create an account!

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Quick Start Guide


In Kings of Chaos, you are in command of an army of humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, undead or hobbits. To be successful, you must manage your army and defeat your enemies. You must keep your troops in top condition and recover from losses. A powerful army will be strong in all four aspects of the game: attacking, defending, spying, and sentry (counter-intelligence). This makes it important to keep your forces and efforts relatively balanced in all these areas.


There are a number of ways to build your army and thus generate more gold and become more powerful:

  • You can get people to click on your Unique Link, giving you 1 additional soldiers each time it is clicked.
    • Logged-in players may click a given Unique Link up to 2 times per 24 hours.
  • If you tell friends about Kings of Chaos, you may recruit them as your officers:
    • For every two soldiers your officers gain from their own Unique Links, you will gain an extra soldier for free!
  • You can also gain morale by clicking on the Recruit page. Each number you click will give you 10x morale which will turn into soldiers.
  • Finally, you may buy mercenaries - soldiers that will fight for you but will not generate extra gold.

Getting Started (Creating/Activating your account)

To create an account and establish your presence in the Land of Chaos you must register an account. To do this click the "Register" link in the Menu Bar on the left, or click on one of the Join Humans/ Join Dwarves/ Join Elves/ Join Orcs/ Join Undead/ Join Hobbits button to pick your race. You will then need to enter a username, password, email (not required upon signup although needed to retrieve your login detals if you forget them) then click the recaptcha box to prove you are human and click Sign Up now. Once you've done this, you are ready to log in and command your army. Congratulations! You are now a Player in Kings of Chaos.

When you have a KOC account and give your Unique Link to someone to click, the clicker will also be given the option to join your army as one of your officers! For every two clicks/soldiers an officer receives, you will receive one soldier. (Without doing anything! Just for being their commander! Sweet.)

New Players

As a new player your account is in protection mode. You are not able to attack or be attacked by anyone in the game, you also cannot send or receive ingame messages. The protection is lifted after 15 minutes, this enables you to have a look around the game, spend your start up gold, build your army by clicking on the recruiter (join the forum via the link in the recruiter to access a faster recruiter until we speed the crap out of our own), you can also conquest to gain experience which helps in the game. Get a feel for the game during this protection mode as once the protection on your account is over that is when the fun begins.

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar contains most of the important features and tools of Kings of Chaos. Located on the left of the page, it allows you to navigate through different aspects of your army and manage your forces.

Command Center

The Command Center is where you can see a broad outline of your forces.

  • Your Recruiting Link is found at the top of the Command Center. This is the primary method many players use to build their armies. Give this link to your friends to recruit them as your officers, which quickly grows your army through signup bonuses and trickle-down from their own clicking. Click here to learn how to recruit soldiers
  • User Info shows your general contact information.
  • Military Overview Shows you general military stats, such as what your siege level is at and what fortifications you have. It also shows you how much gold you have and how much you are generating.
  • Officers that you may have show up under this heading. Officers help build your army, and you may also choose to work with them as close allies.
  • Military Effectiveness shows you your Attack, Defense, Spy, and Sentry ratings, as well as how you are ranked against other KOC players in these categories. This section shows you how well you are doing and how you stack up to other players in each aspect of the game.
  • Personnel shows you how your forces are distributed.
  • Previous Logins gives you the IP addresses and times of the last five logins to your account.
  • Preferences is where you go to modify the setting on your account. Be very careful in this section - many of the changes here cannot be undone.


When you wish to venture out beyond the safety of your fortifications, click the Attack button. Here, you will view the Battlefield, a listing of other players ranked near you. If you have previously reconned a player, you will see an eye in the first column which will link you to your intelligence log when clicked. The amount of gold in a player's treasury will be displayed if your Spy Rating is much larger than the opponent's Sentry Rating. You can page through the battlefield and search for other armies to attack or spy on. Once you click on a player's name you will see their User Stats, where you can see basic info about the player, any officers the player has, and you can recognize the player as friend, neutral, enemy, alliance member, or ignored if you wish to ignore all messages from them. From the User Stats panel you can choose to send a personal message, or conduct an attack, recon, or sabotage mission.

  • Attack Mission - If you attack successfully, you will steal a portion of the enemy's available gold based on the damage you inflicted and the relative sizes of your armies. There is also a chance that you or your opponent will suffer casualties, based on army size and damage inflicted. The actual damages/repairs are shown on your armory page and not in the attack log. The casualties are listed with mercenaries and soldiers under "your losses" and any covert (spy or sentry) losses are shown in the "details" of the attack log.
  • Raid Mission - If you raid someone you receive less gold and use less turns than a normal attack, raiding is used to inflict more damage to an account to kill spies/sentries.
  • Reconnaissance Mission - You can conduct Recon missions to view info about an opponent's fortifications and forces. The chance that the mission is a success is dependant on the overall strength of the spies you send, as well as the enemy's Sentry Rating. If the mission is not a success you will no longer lose a portion of the spies you sent. There are a maximum of 35 recons permitted on a specific target per 24 hours.
  • Sabotage Mission - If your opponent has overwhelming defense or has been relentlessly assaulting you, perhaps you may choose to engage in sabotage. In these missions, when you send a number of spies you specify what type and quantity weapons you want to try to sabotage. If your spies make it past enemy sentries they will attempt to sabotage part of the enemy's armory. If you attempt to sabotage too much of the enemy's armory the sabotage will likely fail, and no sabotage mission is guaranteed to be successful. If you fail in a sabotage mission, you may lose a portion of your spies and even some of the tools they carry. You are allowed a maximum of 6 successful sabotage turns against a player per 24 hours and limited to 10 attempts to achieve this.
  • Personnel and Military Effectiveness - When you are preparing to attack, you are also shown your army stats again so you can make sure you want to go through with the mission, and in the case of covert missions, how many spies you have to dedicate to the task. In general, if your opponent has a larger army TFF (total fighting force) than yours, you will steal more of their gold as a reward.

Attack Log

Here you can see details of incoming and outgoing attacks. This can be a very useful way to see how much offensive and defensive damage you do on average, who you need to try to get protection from, or what armies you have had success with in the past. In your attack log you will see Attacks on You and Attacks on Others, and you will be able to page through the attacks if there are too many to fit on one screen.


To help improve the skills and strength of your soldiers, you may send your soldiers on conquests against various denizens of the Kings of Chaos world.

  • To begin, you quest starts with Wolves, after 15 successful conquests you will open up a new level which may require you to upgrade your Siege level in your armory to be able to attempt the new level.
  • Each level will give you 50 Experience up until you hit 53 attempts, where it will decrease the more conquests you undertake.
  • You will also receive gold for each time you conquest but be warned you will incur damages to your weapons.
  • The valuable Experience you gain can be used to upgrade your economy or technology levels in the training section or use it trade in the trade center.
  • Fire Giant: The final conquest only gives you experience, you DO NOT receive gold or damages by undertaking Fire Giant.
  • You may undertake the same conquest multiple times as per your requirements.

Conquest Levels

To be successful on all conquests you will need atleast double SA strength to each conquest opponent's strength.

  • Wolves : Siege upgrade needed - None
  • Halflings : Siege upgrade needed - Flaming Arrows
  • Gnomes : Siege upgrade needed - Ballistas
  • Ogres : Siege upgrade needed - Ladders
  • Goblins : Siege upgrade needed - Trojan Horses
  • Wraiths : Siege upgrade needed - Catapults
  • Giants : Siege upgrade needed - War Elephants
  • Wizards : Siege upgrade needed - Siege Towers
  • Fairies : Siege upgrade needed - Trebuchets
  • Spectre : Siege upgrade needed - Black Powder
  • Ghost : Siege upgrade needed - Black Powder
  • Fire Giant : Siege upgrade needed - Black Powder


Your Armory is where you keep track of your weapons, and keep them in fighting condition.

  • Current Weapon Inventory is where you see the weapons you currently own, as well as their strengths. If your weapons are damaged, it is cheaper to repair them than to buy new ones. You can also sell weapons at a reduced rate for gold.
  • Current Tool Inventory is where you see the tools for sentries and spies that you currently own. You can also sell spy and sentry tools at a reduced rate.
  • Buy Weapons allows you to purchase new weapons for your forces. In general, the more expensive a weapon is, the stronger it is. Some weapons are unique to your race, while others can be bought by anyone.
  • Buy Tools allows you to purchase new tools for your spies and sentries, making them much more effective.
  • Upgrade Fortifications is where you can strengthen your permanent defenses. This makes it much more difficult to be attacked successfully. Fortifications strengthen your defensive units as a whole.
  • Upgrade Siege allows you to purchase new upgrades to increase your attack rating to help overpower your opponents. This strengthens your attacking abilities as a whole.


In the Alliance section you can create your own alliance or join another player's alliance.

  • Start an alliance by entering the alliance you would like to use to rule over Kings of Chaos.
  • Once you have created an alliance you can give others your alliance join link which is located at the bottom of your alliance page.
  • Once other players join your alliance by clicking the link you will need to approve them.
  • In the alliance center you can also disband alliance, set various levels of members ie. Owner, unapprove or demote them.
  • Players can now upload an alliance image they would like to use to promote their alliance. The image will appear once approved by game admins at the top of your alliance page. Admins will not approve offensive or sexually explicit images (If you do not think it will be approved then do not upload it).
  • Once an alliance image has been submitted via the owner of the alliance that image will also appear on a players stats page underneath what alliances the player is a part of.
  • Alliance stats are also listed underneath the alliance image.


  • Personnel shows you how many soldiers, mercenaries, spies, sentries, etc you have.
  • Train Your Troops allows you train your untrained soldiers to be attack or defense specialists, or to be skilled in the subterfuge of spies and sentries. Here you can also revert any attack or defense soldiers to regular units.
  • Upgrade Covert Skill/Sentry Skill makes all of your spies and sentries more powerful - it is a very effective way to increase the power of your covert forces.
  • Upgrade Unit Production allows you to conscript soldiers from the local populace - each day this number of soldiers will join your forces.


Your intelligence files are similar to your attack log, but they give you details of covert missions from and against you. Here you see details of Intercepted Intelligence Operations as well as Intelligence Files from missions you have conducted. Not all missions are intercepted and therefore you will not see everyone who has reconned you or sabotaged you. Not all recons or sabotages done by you were intercepted either, this is called "ghosting". When no missions are intercepted, that player has been "ghosted".


Players can now utilize the Trade section to trade Experience for turns, instant soldiers, commander and race changes. The trade center is subject to change and could even see additional trades added.


Kings of Chaos now has a SAFE. A percentage of your turn based gold + your economy upgrade is deposited into your SAFE, you can also upgrade to allow more to be deposited into your SAFE. When you have the desired amount you wish to withdraw you can withdraw it to spend on weapons, tools and upgrades. Be aware that many will look to steal your gold when you withdraw it so be quick. There are a lot of theives in Kings of Chaos. Race bonuses are not included in the deposited gold.


The statistics page gives players a range of ingame player orientated and alliance orientated stats. You can also view game stats as well. The statistics page is a work in progress and will be finialized ASAP.


Recruiting is an effective way for you to build your army's morale, which eventually results in new recruits. When you recruit for another player by completing the CAPTCHA on the recruit page, your army's morale increases and they receive one soldier. When another player recruits for you, your army's morale drops, but you gain a soldier. Recruiting proceeds in this order: you, your friends, other members of your alliance, then finally any other users with positive morale (ordered by greatest morale). This means that the greater your morale, the quicker it will be converted into extra recruits.

Only logged-in players can turn your army's morale into new soldiers. Non-logged-in friends can still increase your army size by clicking your unique link, found in your Command Center. Click here to learn how to use your Unique Link to gain officers


On this page you can see the details of your current troops, and you can hire mercenaries. Mercenaries can be hired as attack specialists, defence specialists, or all-purpose troops. Once hired, they cannot be retrained. Mercenaries cannot be spies, and do not contribute to the amount of gold you receive each turn, but they do boost your attack and/or defence strength (depending on what type of training they have). Mercenaries become available for hire randomly and their numbers are limited so there are often none available shortly after that. You can only have 33.33% of your army consisting of mercenaries. Mercenaries are added to your total fighting force (TFF) and they have to die to lower your TFF.

Buddy List

The buddy list can be used to keep track of people who you recognize as either neutral, friend, enemy, ignored or alliance members. You can recognize players via the drop down on their stats page. You are allowed a maximum of 180 players per buddy type. (Hopefully that's 180 friends, not 180 enemies!)


The Logout option on the menu will log you out from Kings of Chaos. This is useful if your computer is used by more than one person, to prevent others from accessing your Kings of Chaos account. If you stop using the site for a length of time, you will be automatically logged out anyway - this is to help reduce the load on the extremely busy KoC webserver.


The Send Message page is accessed from a user's stats page, by clicking on the Send Message button. You are then presented with a page which has areas for you to enter a subject and a message to be sent to that user.

When someone has sent you a message in this fashion, you will notice the message indicator beneath the main menu will change to show how many new messages you have waiting for you. To read them, simply click on the red number and you will be taken to the Read Messages page. The most recent message will appear at the top of the page, with older messages beneath it in reverse order of receipt. You can use the buttons on the right to Reply to or Delete each message.

Recent Logs

This box indicates when you were last attacked, sabbed, or reconned. Even if a player ghosts you the last sabbed still indicates when someone sabbed you.

Experience per turn

Players can now upgrade their EXP (Experience per turn). You can use the Experience you gain to trade for turns, soldiers, commander and race changes, SAFE upgrades, Econ upgrades and Tech upgrades.

Daily Login/Activity Bonus

Players now receive a daily login/activity bonus. Players will receive this bonus once per day, See below for bonus details.

  • Day 1: 100 Experience + 100 Soldiers
  • Day 2: 200 Experience + 200 Soldiers
  • Day 3: 300 Experience + 300 Soldiers
  • Day 4: 400 Experience + 400 Soldiers
  • Day 5: 500 Experience + 500 Soldiers
  • Day 6: 600 Experience + 600 Soldiers
  • Day 7: 1000 Experience + 1000 Soldiers

    After 7 days the bonus resets to Day 1.

If you fail to login consecutively your bonus resets to Day 1.


You can now store information about a player for future reference in the Notes Section of a Players Stats page. By simply typing in the notebox, you can store information, multiple notes or remove notes no longer needed. Only the player creating the notes can view/store/delete them so no one else has access to this information. Notes stored on a user will carry over from Era to Era unless you delete them or the player deletes their account.

If you are ready to start playing as commander of your own army, then click here to create an account!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost to play?
Nothing. It's free. Kings of Chaos is completely supported by our advertisers. Enjoy!

How do I get a bigger and better army?
Click here to learn how to use your Unique Link

How are rankings calculated? All players are ranked in each of the four categories of attack strength, defense strength, spy rating and sentry rating. These four rankings are added to give your overall ranking.

What are the siege, fortification, and unit production levels?
KoC Upgrades

What happened to all my stuff?
Era 10 has begun! At the beginning of each Era, we reset everyone's weaponry and army size to give everyone a fresh start. Now is the time to rebuild and prove yourself better than those around you!

Why am I losing gold and soldiers?
You are probably being attacked. Check your attack log to see who attacked you, how many soldiers they killed and how much gold they stole from you.

How come I'm not listed in the rankings?
Ranks are only recalculated once every hour, so you will have to wait until rankings are generated to appear on the rankings page.

Why doesn't my rank improve when I get more weapons?
Ranks are only recalculated once every hour, so you will have to wait to see how your ranking has been changed by upgrades or purchases.

How are Alliance Rankings calculated?
Alliances are ranked by summing 1/(userrank+1) for every member of the alliance who has set that alliance to be their primary alliance. Top 10 Alliances are ranked by members' overall rank, Fiercest Alliances are ranked by members' Strike Action rank, etc.

It's hard to get people to click my link. Is there another way to gain recruits?
The fastest way is to use the recruit tab to gain morale which then coverts into soldiers. The more soldiers you have the more turn based gold you receive. You can also persuade friends to click your link, you can also upgrade your Unit Production (on the Training page), and hire mercenaries to boost your army strength.

Why don't I ever kill any enemy soldiers?
The bigger your army, the more casualties you are likely to suffer. Armies small enough will not usually suffer casualties because this would hurt the army much more.

How do I change my race?
If you have played Kings of Chaos in a previous age, the first time you log in you will be asked to select the race you want to play, if you want to change your race during an era you can trade exp for a race change in the Trade center. If you are new you will choose your race when you register.

I forgot my password, what should I do?
Go to this page and you can get your password emailed to you. Check your spam folder as well as your inbox, if you are still having trouble contact a game admin.

What is the ratio for my Spies to be able to successfully recon another player?
Your Spy rating needs to be 1-5 of the player you wish to recon Sentry rating, ie. if you have 100m spy you can recon up to 500m sentry.

What is the ratio for my Spies to be able to successfully sabotage another player?
Your Spy rating needs to be 1-1.7 of the player you wish to sabotage Sentry rating. ie. if you have 100m spy you can sab up to 170m sentry.

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New Player Tips

So you have found yourself in this realm of Chaos. There are certain tips and some advice you will be given from players with a wealth of knowledge, here are some to get you started.

  • Only do max of 1 or 2 attacks before spending the gold. Many players will be searching the Battlefield looking for gold, if you hit too many accounts at once you are surely going to lose what you have accumulated if you do not spend it.
  • Experience per turn is the best upgrade to get, it enables to build experience to use to trade for turns or use the experience for upgrades that require it.
  • Conquest is the best way to get experience. Each level will give you experience you can use for trades and upgrades.
  • When selling weapons or withdrawing your safe to upgrade use 1 window for the sell/safe withdrawl and 1 window for the upgrade page. Ideally you should have both windows side by side to enhance the speed in moving from one window to the other. As soon as you hit sell or withdrawl immediately go to the upgrade window and hit the upgrade you want. DO NOT WAIT for the confirmation message on page reload, if you wait it will increase the chances of you losing your gold to another player.
  • If you plan on selling your armory to upgrade or to give another player a sell or removing gold from your safe, DO NOT slay, conquest, recruit/click or spend your gold before doing so. Other players will look for any indication that you are online. If they cannot see that your account is acting as online it will lessen the chance of you losing your gold.


Era: The length of the round, which varies but usually lasts roughly three to four months. Between eras, your army size, wealth, weapons, and race will be reset, giving you a chance to change races. You will, however, get to keep your officers.

Alliance: Multiple players working together for a common goal, or just to have fun. You can find a list of alliances on the Kings of Chaos forums.

Armory: The place to purchase weapons.

Army Size: The number of recruits you have. This is the number of people who have clicked your link, plus a fraction of the army size of your officers. Determines the amount of money you get each turn.

AAT: The amount of weapons/tools that can be destroyed by a successful sabotage

Attack: To attack someone, you use 120 attack turns. These attack turns are replaced at the rate of one turn every minute, with 1440 turns available per 24 hours.You may store up to 40000 attack turns.

Attack Log: A log of everyone who you have attacked recently, and anyone who has attacked you recently.

Attack Turns: Attack turns are one of the crucial resources in the game. You use attack turns to pillage other armies and take their gold. To attack someone, you use 120 attack turns. These attack turns are replaced at the rate of one turn every minute, with 1440 turns available per 24 hours. You may store up to 40000 attack turns. You can also use your attack turns to raid someone, you will not receive as much gold as a normal attack.

Battlefield (BF): The Attack button in the Menu Bar on the left side of the page takes you to the Battlefield, a listing of other players ranked near you. If you have previously reconned a player, you will see an eye in the first column that will link you to your intelligence log when clicked. The amount of gold in a player's treasury will be displayed if your Spy Rating is much larger than the opponent's Sentry Rating. You can page through the battlefield and search for other targets.

Blackpowder Missle (BPM): Currently the strongest attacking weapon.

Clan: See Alliance

Command Center: Clicking here allows you to view your own stats, including stats that are not available to everyone else.

CAPTCHA: Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. The random images used to deter cheating.

Casualties: Normal losses suffered in the course of attacking and defending. If your army is not very big, you will probably not suffer very many casualties, if any.

Click Ranks: The click ranks page gives players a leaderboard of clicking statistics throughout the game.

Commander: The person whose page you visited before joining, possibly the person who told you about Kings of Chaos.

Defensive Action (DA): The total defending power of your army. Based on your trained defense soldiers, untrained soldiers, mercenaries, their weapons, and your Fortifications.

Dwarves: One of the races in Kings of Chaos. Dwarves get a 80% defense bonus, protecting them when attacked, and a 40% sentry bonus.

Elves: One of the races in Kings of Chaos. Elves get a 60% spy bonus, 20% income bonus making them extremely good at recon and sabotage, however their attack bonus is weakened by 30% attack bonus.

Experience: You can gain experience (exp) in many ways. You can gain experience from conquesting, a successful attack (120 exp per attack), a successful sabotage (random exp given) or via upgrading your Experience per turn. Experience can also be traded for turns and used for upgrades.

Fortifications: These contribute to the strength of all your defense troops and weaponry. The basic fortification is "Camp" - they can be upgraded in the Armory.

Ghosted/ghosting: Sabotage or recon missions that are successful and were not intercepted so that the player who was sabotaged or reconned has no knowledge or record of the mission.

Gold: The basic monetary unit of Kings of Chaos. Spend gold at the Armory to purchase weapons.

Hobbits: One of the races in Kings of Chaos. Hobbits get a 35% income bonus, 55% sentry bonus, helping them to protect their gold and weapons. 35% defense bonus would have to be taken into account.

Humans: One of the races in Kings of Chaos. Humans get a 50% income bonus each turn, as well as a 20% fewer casualty bonus. 25% defense bonus is going to need tending to.

Intelligence: A list of other players whom you have spied on or sabotaged, or from whom you have intercepted spies. NOTE: Not all missions are intercepted. As they are not recorded, they are called "ghosted".

Invisibility Shield (IS) Currently the strongest defensive weapon.

Losses: See Casualties

Lost Weapon Log: Gives you the ability to see what weapons/tools you have lost to sabotage. The lost weapons log is availble for viewing in your armory.

Officer: One of the people who visited your link and decided to join up. They help build your army.

Orc: One of the races in Kings of Chaos. Orcs have a 65% attack bonus and a 25% defense bonus, making them fearsome in battle. 45% spy bonus means you will have to work on spy to overcome it.

Player: A player in Kings of Chaos.

Purchases: Everytime you purchase a weapon/tool you can see it in your armory.

Profile: An in-depth description of a player, showing stats useful to know when deciding when to attack them..

Protection Mode: When your account has just been created or comes out of vacation mode, you must wait until you are ranked before you can attack anyone. This takes 15 minutes. Your account cannot be attacked within this time frame and will remain hidden on the battlefield.

Race: The type of player someone is. There are six races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Undead, Orcs and Hobbits.

Rank: Rank shows how well you are doing compared to all other armies in Kings of Chaos. Your rank is computed by adding your Strike Action, Defensive Action, Spy Rating, and Covert Rating. The person with the smallest sum will be ranked first, next smallest is second, etc. To achieve a high rank you must have good ratings in all four areas of the game.

Recent Logs: This box indicates when you were last attacked, sabbed, or reconned. Even if a player ghosts you the last sabbed still indicates when someone sabbed you.

Reconnaissance (Recon): Using spies to learn about another player's personnel, weapons, and military effectiveness.

Recruit Link: See Unique Link.

Rogue: Made up word by alliances to describe someone who loves to sabb.

Sabotage/Sabbed: Using spies to remove another player's weapons so they cannot be used in combat. All weapons or tools that have been successfully sabotaged are removed from your armory immediately.

Sabotage Experience/Gold Stolen: During each sabotage mission you are able to gain Experience and steal 5% of a players gold they are holding.

  • To gain Experience and Gold you must Sabotage over 10m value of whatever Weapon/Tool you are attempting to Sabotage.
  • For example 10 - 1,000 Strength Weapons/Tools, 23 - 600 Strength Weapons/Tools so on. It is up to you to work out the amount needed to Sabotage.

Sentry Rating: The strength of your counter-espionage forces. Based on the number of sentries in your army, and your spy level.

Siege Technology: This contributes to the overall strength of all your attack troops and weaponry. The basic is "None" - it can be upgraded in the Armory.

Spy Rating: The strength of your espionage forces. Based on the number of spies in your army, and your spy level.

Spy Skill/Spy Level: The skill level of each individual spy and sentry in your army. Upgrading strengthens all of your spies and sentries.

Stats Link: Can be found by clicking yourself on the attack page (battlefield or BF) and checking in the address bar of your browser.

Strike Action (SA): The total offensive power of your army. Based on your trained attack soldiers, untrained soldiers, mercenaries, their weapons, and your Siege Technology.

Subofficer: One of your officers' officers, or their officer, etc.

TimeStamp: TimeStamps have been added to attack and sabotage logs, you will now see year, month, date, hours, minutes, seconds of when you were attacked/sabbed.

  • Commander Unit Production is set for 10:30AM server time every 24hrs.
  • Unit Production is set for 10:30AM server time every 24hrs.

Tool: Purchasing tools increases the effectiveness of your spies or sentries. You can buy tools in the Armory.

Total Fighting Force: The total number of your trained and untrained soldiers, plus any mercenaries you may have.

Turn: The basic unit of time in Kings of Chaos. Currently you receive 1 attack turn every minute.

Turn Based Gold (TBG): The gold you get each turn. Your TBG is based on how many soldiers are in your army, with certain races getting income bonuses. Soldiers contribute most to your TBG. Spies and sentries contribute less to your TBG. Mercenaries do not contribute towards TBG.

Undead: One of the races in Kings of Chaos. Undead get a 30% attack bonus. 40% defense bonus, 40% fewer casualty bonus, 20% spy bonus, 70% sentry bonus making Undead great again.

Unique Link / Unique ID: The link used to increase your army's TFF by clicking on it. Give this to people to click! If they sign up as your officer you'll receive a 50 soldier bonus, a bonus soldier for every two they get, and a helpful ally! This link is found in your Command Center. Click here to learn more about using your Unique Link

Unit Production (UP): Upgraded Unit Production allows you to augment your TFF (total fighting force) by a set amount of soldiers every day. These soldiers will join your forces at the same time each day.

Vacation Mode (vmode): An option to deactivate (suspend) your account for a length of time (minimum 3 days). Useful if you are going on a long trip and won't be able to play KoC during that time. Once you are in vacation mode you must wait until the time has elapsed before playing, so be careful. You receive no TBG (turn based gold), UP (unit production), recruit clicks or attack turns while in vacation mode. When your account comes out of vacation mode, you cannot be attacked or raided, once ranked you are fair game. After your initial vacation mode is over you cannot place your account back into vacation mode until your account has been active for the same amount of time your account was in vacation mode.

Weapons: Offensive or defensive equipment for soldiers in your army. Attack weapons are only used when you attack, defense weapons are only used when you defend. You can only use as many weapons as you have soldiers, and you can buy weapons in the Armory. Your soldiers are not very effective without weapons.

Still have questions? If you have a question that wasn't answered in this guide, try heading over to the Kings of Chaos forum or the Kings of Chaos Discord server via the "chat" link at the top of every KoC page).

KoC Upgrades


  • Level 0 Camp cost: 0 Multiplier: 1
  • Level 1 Stockade cost: 50,000 Multiplier: 1.25
  • Level 2 Rabid Pitbulls cost: 100,000 Multiplier: 1.63
  • Level 3 Walled Town cost: 200,000 Multiplier: 2.07
  • Level 4 Towers cost: 400,000 Multiplier: 2.64
  • Level 5 Battlements cost: 800,000 Multiplier: 3.37
  • Level 6 Portcullis cost: 1,600,000 Multiplier: 4.30
  • Level 7 Boiling Oil cost: 3,200,000 Multiplier: 5.48
  • Level 8 Trenches cost: 6,400,000 Multiplier: 6.98
  • Level 9 Moat cost: 12,800,000 Multiplier: 8.90
  • Level 10 Drawbridge cost: 25,600,000 Multiplier: 11.35
  • Level 11 Fortress cost: 51,200,000 Multiplier: 14.47
  • Level 12 Stronghold cost: 102,400,000 Multiplier: 18.46
  • Level 13 Palace cost: 204,800,000 Multiplier: 23.53
  • Level 14 Keep cost: 409,600,000 Multiplier: 30.00
  • Level 15 Citadel cost: 819,200,000 Multiplier: 38.25
  • Level 16 Hand of God cost: 1,638,400,000 Multiplier: 48.77
  • Level 17 Gate of Hell cost: 3,276,800,000 Multiplier: 62.18
  • Level 18 Titans Shield cost: 6,553,600,000 Multiplier: 79.28


  • Level 0 There is no level 0 for Siege
  • Level 1 Flaming Arrow cost: 50,000 Multiplier: 1.30
  • Level 2 Ballista cost: 100,000 Multiplier: 1.69
  • Level 3 Battering Ram cost: 200,000 Multiplier: 2.20
  • Level 4 Ladders cost: 400,000 Multiplier: 2.86
  • Level 5 Trojan Horse cost: 800,000 Multiplier: 3.71
  • Level 6 Catapults cost: 1,600,000 Multiplier: 4.83
  • Level 7 War Elephants cost: 3,200,000 Multiplier: 6.27
  • Level 8 Siege Towers cost: 6,400,000 Multiplier: 8.16
  • Level 9 Trebuchets cost: 12,800,000 Multiplier: 10.60
  • Level 10 Black Powder cost: 25,600,000 Multiplier: 13.79
  • Level 11 Sappers cost: 51,200,000 Multiplier: 17.92
  • Level 12 Dynamite cost: 102,400,000 Multiplier: 23.30
  • Level 13 Greek Fire cost: 204,800,000 Multiplier: 30.29
  • Level 14 Cannons cost: 409,600,000 Multiplier: 39.37
  • Level 15 Great Horn cost: 819,200,000 Multiplier: 51.19
  • Level 16 Fists of Thor cost: 1,638,400,000 Multiplier: 66.54
  • Level 17 Ringwraiths cost: 3,276,800,000 Multiplier: 86.50

Covert Skill:

  • Level 1 Peeping Tom cost: 17,500 gold
  • Level 2 Scout cost: 35,000 gold
  • Level 3 Informer cost: 70,000 gold
  • Level 4 Operative cost: 140,000 gold
  • Level 5 Sleuth cost: 280,000 gold
  • Level 6 Snoop cost: 560,000 gold
  • Level 7 Counterspy cost: 1,120,000 gold
  • Level 8 Observer cost: 2,240,000 gold
  • Level 9 Mole cost: 4,480,000 gold
  • Level 10 Raven cost: 8,960,000 gold
  • Level 11 Bagman cost: 17,920,000 gold
  • Level 12 Watcher cost: 35,840,000 gold
  • Level 13 Agent cost: 71,680,000 gold
  • Level 14 Intelligence cost: 143,360,000 gold
  • Level 15 James Bond cost: 286,720,000 gold
  • Level 16 All Seeing Eye cost: 573,440,000 gold
  • Level 17 Eye of Sight cost: 1,146,880,000 gold
  • Level 18 Eagle Eye cost: 2,293,760,000 gold

Sentry Skill:

  • Level 1 Barbed Wire cost: 17,500 gold
  • Level 2 Pit & Spikes cost: 35,000 gold
  • Level 3 Traps cost: 70,000 gold
  • Level 4 Trip Wire cost: 140,000 gold
  • Level 5 Hidey Hole cost: 280,000 gold
  • Level 6 Guard Dogs cost: 560,000 gold
  • Level 7 Lookouts cost: 1,120,000 gold
  • Level 8 Sentry Pavilion cost: 2,240,000 gold
  • Level 9 Shield Wall cost: 4,480,000 gold
  • Level 10 Wolfhound cost: 8,960,000 gold
  • Level 11 Tracking Tactics cost: 17,920,000 gold
  • Level 12 Traps XXI cost: 35,840,000 gold
  • Level 13 Coffee cost: 71,680,000 gold
  • Level 14 Mystical Eyepatch cost: 143,360,000 gold
  • Level 15 Lavastines Hounds cost: 286,720,000 gold
  • Level 16 Thou Shalt Not Be Named cost: 573,440,000 gold
  • Level 17 Defias Brotherhood cost: 1,146,880,000 gold
  • Level 18 Mystical Seer Tower cost: 2,293,760,000 gold

Increase Conscription:

  • Level 0 None Soldiers per 24hrs: 25 cost: 0 gold
  • Level 1 Recruitment Stage Soldiers per 24hrs: 50 cost: 500,000 gold
  • Level 2 Basic Training Soldiers per 24hrs: 100 cost: 1,000,000 gold
  • Level 3 Intermediate Training Soldiers per 24hrs: 200 cost: 3,120,000 gold
  • Level 4 Fort Marcus Soldiers per 24hrs: 400 cost: 10,480,000 gold
  • Level 5 General Admission Soldiers per 24hrs: 800 cost: 42,000,000 gold
  • Level 6 Sword Work Soldiers per 24hrs: 1600 cost: 108,468,000 gold
  • Level 7 Encampment Soldiers per 24hrs: 3200 cost: 212,680,000 gold
  • Level 8 Extensive Bow Work Soldiers per 24hrs: 6400 cost: 501,340,000 gold
  • Level 9 Shield Work Soldiers per 24hrs: 12800 cost: 1,260,000,000 gold
  • Level 10 Hardened Leather Endurance per 24hrs: 25600 cost: 2,520,000,000 gold

Technological Development:

  • Level 0 None Exp cost: 0 Multiplier: 1.00x
  • Level 1 Spear Exp cost: 300 Multiplier: 1.05x
  • Level 2 Fire Exp cost: 350 Multiplier: 1.10x
  • Level 3 Oven Exp cost: 400 Multiplier: 1.16x
  • Level 4 Pottery Exp cost: 460 Multiplier: 1.22x
  • Level 5 Domestication Exp cost: 520 Multiplier: 1.28x
  • Level 6 Copper Exp cost: 600 Multiplier: 1.34x
  • Level 7 Wheel Exp cost: 690 Multiplier: 1.41x
  • Level 8 Writing Exp cost: 800 Multiplier: 1.48x
  • Level 9 Bronze Exp cost: 920 Multiplier: 1.55x
  • Level 10 Irrigation Exp cost: 1,060 Multiplier: 1.63x
  • Level 11 Woodworking Exp cost: 1,210 Multiplier: 1.71x
  • Level 12 Archery Exp cost: 1,400 Multiplier: 1.80x
  • Level 13 Salt Exp cost: 1,610 Multiplier: 1.89x
  • Level 14 Sailing Exp cost: 1,850 Multiplier: 1.98x
  • Level 15 Masonry Exp cost: 2,120 Multiplier: 2.08x
  • Level 16 Forum Exp cost: 2,440 Multiplier: 2.18x
  • Level 17 Furnace Exp cost: 2,810 Multiplier: 2.29x
  • Level 18 Ironworking Exp cost: 3,230 Multiplier: 2.41x
  • Level 19 Library Exp cost: 3,710 Multiplier: 2.53x
  • Level 20 Medicine Exp cost: 4,270 Multiplier: 2.65x
  • Level 21 Timekeeping Exp cost: 4,910 Multiplier: 2.79x
  • Level 22 Market Exp cost: 5,650 Multiplier: 2.93x
  • Level 23 Monastery Exp cost: 6,490 Multiplier: 3.07x
  • Level 24 Windmill Exp cost: 7,470 Multiplier: 3.23x
  • Level 25 Printing Exp cost: 8,590 Multiplier: 3.39x
  • Level 26 Civil Code Exp cost: 9,880 Multiplier: 3.56x
  • Level 27 Shipbuilding Exp cost: 11,360 Multiplier: 3.73x
  • Level 28 Astronomy Exp cost: 13,060 Multiplier: 3.92x
  • Level 29 Chemistry Exp cost: 15,020 Multiplier: 4.12x
  • Level 30 Gunpowder Exp cost: 17,270 Multiplier: 4.32x
  • Level 31 Economics Exp cost: 19,860 Multiplier: 4.54x
  • Level 32 Cotton Gin Exp cost: 22,840 Multiplier: 4.78x
  • Level 33 Ballistics Exp cost: 26,270 Multiplier: 5.00x
  • Level 34 Metallurgy Exp cost: 30,210 Multiplier: 5.25x
  • Level 35 Laboratory Exp cost: 34,740 Multiplier: 5.52x
  • Level 36 Mechanics Exp cost: 39,950 Multiplier: 5.79x
  • Level 37 Textiles Exp cost: 45,950 Multiplier: 6.08x
  • Level 38 Thermodynamics Exp cost: 52,840 Multiplier: 6.39x
  • Level 39 Steam Engine Exp cost: 60,760 Multiplier: 6.70x
  • Level 40 Assembly Line Exp cost: 69,880 Multiplier: 7.04x
  • Level 41 Electricity Exp cost: 80,360 Multiplier: 7.39x

Economic Development:

  • Level 1 Hunting Exp cost: 150 Gold per min: 400
  • Level 2 Farming Exp cost: 300 Gold per min: 1,000
  • Level 3 Fishing Exp cost: 600 Gold per min: 2,600
  • Level 4 Mining Exp cost: 1,200 Gold per min: 6,200
  • Level 5 Construction Exp cost: 2,400 Gold per min: 15,600
  • Level 6 Feudal Exp cost: 4,800 Gold per min: 39,000
  • Level 7 Trade Exp cost: 9,600 Gold per min: 97,600
  • Level 8 Exploration Exp cost: 19,200 Gold per min: 244,200
  • Level 9 Imperial Exp cost: 38,400 Gold per min: 610,400
  • Level 10 Mercantile Exp cost: 76,800 Gold per min: 1,525,800
  • Level 11 Plantation Exp cost: 153,600 Gold per min: 3,814,600
  • Level 12 Industrial Exp cost: 307,200 Gold per min: 9,536,800

Increase Experience:

  • Level 0 Bons Basement Cost: You start with this doofus
  • Level 1 Rolz Leaky Shed 1x Cost: 75,000,000 gold
  • Level 2 Homemade laboratory 2x Cost: 250,000,000 gold
  • Level 3 University Chemistry Lab 3x Cost: 650,000,000 gold
  • Level 4 Global Research Network 4x Cost: 900,000,000 gold
  • Level 5 Heisenberg Breaks Bad 5x Cost: 1,200,000,000 gold

Safe Upgrades:

  • Level 1 Old Mattress 5% Cost: You start with this doofus
  • Level 2 Dirty Sock 10% Cost: 5,000 EXP
  • Level 3 Tin Can 15% Cost: 7,500 EXP
  • Level 4 Vault 20% Cost: 17,500 EXP
  • Level 5 Armored Vehicle 25% Cost: 25,000 EXP
  • Level 6 Fort Knox 30% Cost: 40,000 EXP

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